“Grazia” veiksmīgās sēdvietas

Jā, jā, tā ir 13 gadīgās modes blogeres Tavi cepure, kas “Grazia” žurnālistiem šodien liedza iespēju pilnvērtīgi noskatities Dior SS2010 Haute Couture skati. Kā viņi tvītoja “At Dior. Not best pleased to be watching couture through 13 year old Tavi’s hat”. Ziniet, mani tas priecē. Un ne jau ar kuru katru cepuri, bet gan Stephen Jones radīto. Muhahahaha. Tavi šo redzot netā, visticamākais, gauži vainīga sajutīsies. Ne visu taču var iepriekšparedzēt.

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Paula  on January 26th, 2010

ha ha ha! Tavi ir smieklīga 😀 Bet man patīk viņas Tkreklu dizaini though, nu tās grafikas ar tām šaurajām actiņām it kā 😀


Eduardo  on October 25th, 2015

Supporting LEAF is reflective of good cnoiummty citizenship and values in support of our cnoiummty of Scenic Acres as a whole. Having recently canvassed around my home streets, I have been encouraged by the demonstration of such values from so many neighbours. Conversations around all sorts of issues that are valuable to our cnoiummty arose and gave us something to connect about. As cnoiummty residents we should take any advantage to be part of making our cnoiummty better for everyone, not just our personal property but showing pride and support for others. I particularly like the fact that we, as residents, will have control over how our cnoiummty greenspaces are cared for. This will only increase property value for everyone. Just taking a walk around one can see the neglect in these places. Being neighbourly and cnoiummty-minded is one of the great strengths of our cnoiummty I was pleased to see so much of those values being upheld still by so many cnoiummty-minded citizens!. What a great place we live in!


John  on December 19th, 2015

Yeah, where does PG&E get off trying to upadrge their own equipment? This capitalism stuff is ridiculous, and private companies that provide invaluable services shouldn’t be able improve their products! We need the government to run electrical utilities b/c they are much more efficient, aas proven in all other facets, ie USPS, Social Security, EPA, Medicare. Give me a break! God forbid one of the largest utilities in the nation try and provide a better service to its millions of customers, while be coming more green . You commi’s can’t have it both ways. By the way, what substantial accredited research has been done to support any of these anti-smart meter claims. It seems to me that the majority of studies conclude the meters are safe, yet these protesters continue to gin up fear in the hopes of their own empowerment. I mean think, who heard of this douche Josh Hart? This guy is an unemployed nobody, who is probably been on EDD assistance for the full 3 years, living off of the tax payers. Meanwhile, he’s out building his own brand. An ego maniac who’s skewed information for his own self-engrandizement, and power over hippie putty brains that have been living in homes with all kinds of RF. Yet, the meter on the outside of their home has caused immeasurable damage. Or, was it all of the drugs you guys did in the 60 s and 70 s? Hats off to Josh Hart, he’s going to get rich on the backs of PG&e, and all of you wack jobs who call for progress, yet hate it when it arrives. No matter what PG&E does you guys will be mad, get a hobby.


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